Our GOAL is to help you identify your childs unique needs, determine the services and supports necessary to access a free and apropriate public education, and obtain these services as quickly as possible.

  • Consultation and education for families 
  • IEP consultation/pre-planning/records review
  • Representation at IEP Meetings
  • Obtain Special Education Services-academic, behavior, accommodations, assistive technologies and more 
  • Maintainence/revisions to Special Education Services
  • Strategic educational development and planning
  • Act as liason with schools, agencies, any stakeholders
  • Education and representation with the Harbor Regional Center (HRC)
  • Mediation consultation and/or representation
  • Filing of compliance complaints with the Calfiornia Board of Education (CDE)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution consultation and/or representation
  • Filing of complaints concerning discrimiation based on disablitly with the Office of Civil Righs (OCR)
  • Appeals
  • Observe child in all settings
  • Write educational and/or behavioral reports

***We practice only in the state of California.